White Label AuricVault® Service

Take control with your own dedicated AuricVault® service. If you have specific
compliance, volume, or usage needs that are not met by the standard AuricVault
service, a dedicated white label AuricVault service might be what you need.
A dedicated white label AuricVault service provides:
• dedicated deployment environment.
• complete business continuity assurances.
• guaranteed sustained and peak transaction performance.
• the ability to customize the tokenization functionality.

A white label solution provides dedicated testing and production deployments.
Redundant production environments deployed at Viawest (Auric’s PCI compliant
hosting provider) Eastern and Western US hosting facilities.
The white label solution is deployed on server instances dedicated to the white label
service. These new server instances include:
• Dedicated physical servers for application and data storage.
• Dedicated physical firewalls.
• Dedicated virtual load balancers.
• NAS storage servers for backup.

Some aspects of the deployment are shared with ASI’s existing AuricVault
• Log aggregation.
• Metrics/monitoring.
• IDS/IPS security controls.
• Internal and external PCI AVS quarterly scanning.

PCI Compliance
ASI develops, deploys, and maintains the white label service in a PCI-compliant
manner. The service is included within ASI’s annual Level 1 PCI assessment.

Business Continuity
An Auric white label service provides the following business continuity assurances:
• A three-way agreement including Viawest (a Rogers Corporation) and ASI that
directs Viawest to hand-over control of the dedicated white label solution in
the event Auric, or any Auric successor, can no longer maintain/operate the
service (see note below). This transfer can occur without service interruption.

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