Tokenization Disadvantages?

Every technology comes with tradeoffs.

Two potential tokenization disadvantages are:

  • Lock-in
  • Speed


Using payment processor specific tokenization, for example, can lock you into that particular payment processor. To avoid lock-in, select a tokenization service that is payment processor neutral supports multiple payment processors, and which will return your tokenized data if you need it for future migration.

When selecting a tokenization service, consider how easily the data could be transferred to a different service in the future. With the AuricVault® service you'll always be able to retrieve your original data. Auric will even help you migrate to another service.


Using the tokenized data requires it be detokenized and retrieved from a remote service. This introduces a small increase in transaction time to the process which is negligible in most situations. However, in high-speed automation situations, a company might find that sub-millisecond response times from local storage is more important than the data separation security provided by tokenization.

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