Data Detokenization

Data detokenization is the reverse of the tokenization process. The original data is securely retrieved via HTTPS using the original token and your service credentials.

The AuricVault® service allows you to define specific credentials and permissions to isolate the credentials that can detokenize your data from the credentials that can tokenize your data. This allows you to provide third parties with tokenization permission without also providing detokenization permission.

With the simple JSON API, you can integrate detokenization within your web application or isolate detokenization to the web browser so the detokenized data does not flow through your systems. 

The AuvProxy option allows you to detokenize and transmit your data to a third party at your request while isolating your systems from sensitive information.

Note: There are lively discussions as to whether detokenization or de-tokenization is correct. We tend to prefer the non-hyphen version for simplicity. 

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