What is Tokenization

What is Tokenization?

What is Tokenization? Tokenization is a method to provide anonymization – the process in which sensitive/protected information are eliminated or manipulated with the purpose of hindering the possibility of reverting back to the original data. This involves removing all identifying data in order to create unlink-able data. Tokenzed data is not mathematically reversible. Tokenization is Data Security.

Tokenization is a vital factor in preparing for that next break-in. Thieves cannot steal what you do not have. Tokenization moves your vitally important sensitive personal and financial data out of your environment and into Auric’s PCI and HIPAA compliant hosting environment. Tokenization is the pinnacle of data protection technologies.

The physical and logical separation of payment and privacy information significantly reduces a company’s exposure to information theft. Well-tested, reliable, and flexible tokenization services are available today; there is no technical reason to delay implementation.

Auric has active tokenization clients in over fifteen countries in a broad range of industries from e-commerce, to aerospace, healthcare, Hospitality and mobile.

” Even when physical security is breached, firewalls are penetrated, tripwires are evaded and software-based security is circumvented, the combination of tokenization and cryptography provides a robust defense that can provide last-ditch salvation.”

– IBM Systems Magazine ©2014 

Tokenization for Business:

Improve security of sensitive data

A tokenization & storage service is an easy way to protect sensitive financial data, identification data, and access data; such as Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers and Security Codes.

Exchanging sensitive data with business partners

A tokenization and storage service ought to provide ways to exchange sensitive data with business partners compliantly and securely.

Compliance mitigation

A tokenization and storage service ought to simplify complying with data security requirements.

De-Tokenization of data

Retrieval of the original data from a tokenized state ought to be easily accomplished.

Business continuity

Sensitive data ought to be available to it’s owner 365 x 24 x 7 from any tokenization and storage service.

We found in Auric Systems a reliable partner for handling our sensitive data at a fair price. Integrating the API in our systems an easy task. We literally had not one issue with the service in the last two years. Highly recommended.

Auric Systems has been a key part of our client data security for years and will continue to be part of our datasecurity for many years to come.

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