What is Credit Card Tokenization?

What is Credit Card Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of replacing a credit card number, primary account number (PAN) or sensitive data with a unique set of numbers that have no bearing on the original data. (De-tokenization is the reverse process of redeeming a token for it’s original value.) Tokenization keeps data more secure throughout the storage and transmission of credit card information over a merchant’s network. Storing tokens, rather than account numbers reduces the amount of cardholder data in the environment and enables merchants to more easily meet PCI DSS requirements.

Payment Tokenization can refer to all the payment information. if the Payment Tokenization profiles the name , Address, Card number, phone number, CVV and AVS Amount of purchase information, that may be a security target for cyber criminals. Auric knows that segmenting this information with tokenization is a secure way of protecting payment information.

Auric Systems has been a key part of our client data security for years and will continue to be part of our datasecurity for many years to come.

” Even when physical security is breached, firewalls are penetrated, tripwires are evaded and software-based security is circumvented, the combination of tokenization and cryptography provides a robust defense that can provide last-ditch salvation.”

IBM Systems Magazine

Why Protecting Financial, Identification, and Access Data Matters

Financial Data

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Identification Data

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63K Social Security numbers compromised in UCF data breach

Access Data

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63% of Data Breaches Result From Weak or Stolen Passwords

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