Tap into a huge market by accepting Visa® payments

Accept Visa® Payments and Tap the Visa group which is the world’s largest credit, debit, and prepaid card company with some 1.6 billion cards in circulation.

Benefits to Merchants Customers

Visa® International is everywhere consumers to be, providing consumers in Eastern or Central Europe, the Middle East, Latin America including the Caribbean, or the Middle East. Along with sister companies Visa Canada and Visa U.S.A., Visa International was created when parent company Visa Inc. reorganized and filed for an IPO in late 2007. (Visa Europe was spun off; it is owned by its European member banks.)

About Visa®

Visa Inc. operates the world’s largest retail electronic payments network and is one of the most recognized global financial services brands. Visa facilitates global commerce through the transfer of value and information among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, businesses and government entities.

Visa® has been a driver behind the modern evolution of payment. Fifty years ago, Visa’s vision was to offer individuals and businesses a better alternative to cash and checks. Visa’s founder, Dee Hock, believed “digital money” could transform currencies and commerce, dismantling economic barriers and transcending national borders by freeing people and businesses to buy and sell with ease and security.

Visa’s vision has come of age in the 21st century. Today, we are the universal currency of life, connecting hundreds of millions of people, governments and businesses in more than 170 countries. Together, they use our credit, debit and prepaid products and services to safely and reliably exchange goods and services.

Brief History of Visa

1958 Bank of America launches the BankAmericard in Fresno, Calif., with an innovative “revolving credit feature.
1970 Visa® is incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1970 as National BankAmericard Inc. (NBI).
1973 NBI launches the first electronic authorization system, followed a year later by an electronic clearing and settlement system, the precursor to VisaNet.
1974 The International Bankcard Company (IBANCO) is formed to administer the BankAmericard program internationally.
1976 BankAmericard® changes its name to Visa® a simple, memorable name that is pronounced the same in every language and adopts the blue-and-gold flag.
1983 Building on its anytime, anywhere promise, Visa® launches a global ATM network, providing 24-hour cash access to cardholders around the world and contributing to the convenience of modern business and leisure travel.
1986 Visa® becomes the first payment card system to offer multiple-currency clearing and settlement, providing financial institutions with faster restitution methods and greatly increasing transaction efficiency.
1993 Visa® is the first to apply state-of-the-art neural network technologies to payments, potentially reducing the incidence of card fraud by giving Visa member banks smarter and timelier data about suspicious transactions. In the same year, Visa offers the first international prepaid card, Visa TravelMoney.
1995 Visa® co-develops industry-wide chip card specifications, Europay®/MasterCard®/Visa® (EMV), to ensure that all chip cards will operate with all chip-reading terminals.
1997 Visa’s annual global sales volume reaches US$1 trillion, a significant milestone for the payments industry.
1999 Visa® conducts the first euro transaction using a payment card.
2001 Visa’s annual global sales volume reaches the US$2 trillion milestone.
2004 Visa’s global debit volume surpasses credit.
2005 Visa® updates its brand identity with a new look to better reflect new payment opportunities, such as mobile and contactless.
2007 Visa® launches the Visa mobile platform, a business and technology framework for facilitating the adoption of mobile payments and value-added services.
2007 Visa® announces the completion of the company’s corporate restructuring, creating a new global corporation called Visa Inc.
2008 Visa® completes the largest initial public offering in U.S. history and begins trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “V”.

Recent Statement From by Visa CEO

In remarks at an industry security summit, Visa USA President and CEO John Philip Coghlan told an audience of more than 400 business, government and academic representatives that payment security must become a strategic priority for businesses and that all entities touching payments must invest in security to maintain consumer trust.

“Trust is emerging as one of the critical business issues of the 21st century,” Coghlan told the audience.  “Data security must move out of the back office and into the boardroom. Corporate officers must apply the same rigor to data security as they do to their financial controls.”

Visa® Acceptance for Merchants

Whether your’re just getting started or already accept Visa® Payments, Visa’s secure and convenient payment options may open the door to stronger sales. Become a Visa® merchant and enjoy greater revenue opportunities.

How Auric Systems can help your organization accept Visa® payments

Auric Systems simplifies payment processing ffor merchants helping them to accept a wide range of payment brands. Auric can help your organization to accept Visa payments with our PCI Validated CN!Express®, Trevance®  or as a PCI Service Provider with Custom Solutions.

The CN!Express® payment applicationis a complete payment system that will simplify the acceptance of Visa payments

The CN!Express® payment application contains everything you need in one package. Set it up in minutes, then sit back while CN!Express processes your transactions quicker than any comparably priced product on the market.

The Trevance payment application ®is a complete payment system that will simplify the acceptance of Visa payments

the Trevance® payment application contains everything you need in one package. The communications links and web interface are built in and included in the low cost. So are support and maintenance for the entire first year. There’s nothing more to buy. the Trevance® payment applicationis compatible with all web development environments. You can also process transactions with non-web tools. If your non-web tool can request a web page, you can process transactions through Trevance’s built-in web-server.

Custom Solutions by Auric Systems can help Merchants accept Visa® payments

Auric Systems International understands that a customized solution can be a critical element in your business environment. We  listen to your needs and answer your questions personally and in clear language. We learn your business requirements and  practices, and design a plan suited to your budget and goals. It is our job to use best-of-breed security with industry-proven techniques and technologies to deliver the results you want.

PaymentVaultTM  provides a safe and secure storage mechanism for Visa credit card account numbers separate from customer’s personally identifiable information.

As a PCI Service Provider and maker of PA DSS Validated Payment Applications, we would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of Payment Card Industry (PCI) recommendations that “Live Credit Cards” not be used during Payment Application testing. Auric Systems is making Sample Credit Cards by Various Credit Card Brands available here for Testing Purposes. Learn More about PCI at our Web Site.

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