Tokenize What Matters®

Tokenize What Matters®

What data types of data are best to protect with tokenization?

Organization such as the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse which keep track of loss of private and privileged information clearly indicate that Payment Cards and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) are not the only types of sensitive data that could benefit from the pinnacle of security that tokenization brings. There are several silos of sensitive information that matter and which all business firms should consider tokenization as a security measure to be deployed.

 Financial Data :

Account Numbers, Banking Information, Payment card numbers, Credit reports, Financial account, Tax information, Debtor information.

 Identification Data :

Social Security numbers (SSN), driver’s license information, foreign visa information, Protected health information, Personally Identifiable information, Passport Information, psychological information, student information and grades, Name & Address, Dates of birth, Past education, Work History.

Access Data:

Passwords, Hashes, Security codes, Access codes

 Technical challenges of tokenization:

In Auric’s experience, the biggest challenge is legacy systems. Although Auric’s web-based API allows access from a wide array of programming environments, integrating with legacy systems that have been unchanged for years remains a challenge.

 Corporate Challenges of tokenization:

Corporate reluctance to mandate proper security and privacy (whether PCI, HIPAA, or regional security standards) handling of their data is the largest challenge. Companies who implement Auric’s tokenization usually complete implementation within days or weeks. The barrier to implementation is not technical, it is institutional.


Business challenge for implementing Tokenization:

The challenge is for security professionals to understand that tokenization may be the best insurance policy they can have. Tokenization as a security method has been around for a while, but it’s adoption is not as widely publicized. When CEO’s CIO’s, IT Professionals get that message that tokenization adoption will actually secure their data, deploying it will likely be rampant and widespread. The technology and development languages to implement tokenization have become mainstream.


Disadvantages for Criminals:

Tokenization has disadvantages for the criminals that steal the tokenized data. Once they’ve stolen the tokenized data, they still could not obtain any of your stored sensitive data.

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