Tokenization with User-Managed Encryption

Store your already encrypted data

This is designed for companies already using their own encryption but want to use off site data storage. A merchant encrypts the credit card number and sends the encrypted information to the AuricVault® service utilizing the AuricVault® application programming interface (API). A token is returned to the merchant from the AuricVault® service.

The merchant can take additional action on the tokenized credit card, utilizing the AuricVault® API. The merchant decrypts the card and takes the necessary action with the credit card.

The AuricVault® tokenization and storage service offers implementation flexibility. Direct connectivity allows both modern servers and legacy systems to integrate with the AuricVault® service. The integration method is a simple HTTPS POST call using JSON-RPC. Almost any programming language from the last 15 years can easily integrate with the service. Vault-Managed encryption performs all encryption/decryption and key management tasks within the AuricVault® service.

Vault-managed encryption implementation options

  • Integration Method
  • Retention Policy
  • Permission Policy
  • Segmentation

Vault-managed encryption – API calls

  • generate_token
  • store_token
  • retrieve_token
  • update_token
  • delete_token
  • token_info
  • touch_token

Benefits and Features

  • AuricVault® service API
  • Flexible web-service interface
  • Credit card account numbers separated from personally identifiable information (Protecting card holder data)
  • Staging Sandbox
  • Automatic disposal of unused tokens
  • Simple integration into existing business process
  • PCI compliant off-site data storage
  • Popular with
    • Merchants Reducing PCI Exposure
    • Banks
    • Call Centers
    • Mobile Application Developers
    • PCI Compliant Organizations
    • eCommerce

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