Tokenization Advantages

Tokenization Advantages

Tokenization is the most secure method of storing sensitive data. Tokenization allows data elements of both physical and logical to be separate. Bad guys cannot steal what you do not have stored. At Auric Systems International, we believe you must always be preparing for the next security breach. Tokenization, and separation of data elements reduces the impact of any security breach.

Residual advantages:

  • Exchanging Sensitive Data Securely
  • Reputation Preservation
  • PCI, HIPAA & PIPEDA Compliance
  • Secure Sensitive Data
  • B2B Benefits
  • Reduce Risk of Data loss
  • Legacy Environment Implementations
  • Business Continuity

What is the business challenge for implementing Tokenization?

The challenge is for security professionals to understand that tokenization may be the best insurance policy they can have. Tokenization as a security method has been around for a while, but it’s adoption is not as widely publicized. When CEO’s CIO’s, IT Professionals get that message that tokenization adoption will actually secure their data, deploying it will likely be rampant and widespread. The technology and development languages to implement tokenization have become mainstream.

” Even when physical security is breached, firewalls are penetrated, tripwires are evaded and software-based security is circumvented, the combination of tokenization and cryptography provides a robust defense that can provide last-ditch salvation.”

IBM Systems Magazine

Why don’t we ever hear of a tokenized data breach?

When the news of a major name brand looses data as the target of a breach, every one hears about it. When a major name brand looses tokenized information to a data breach, that major brand may not even have to disclose the breach under current state and federal laws. Technologies such as Browser based tokenization and I-Frame now can easily be implemented in legacy business environments as well as cutting edge technology environments makes tokenization easy to adopt.


Tokenization is not just for Credit Cards

Social Security Numbers
Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number

Driver’s License Information
Can Someone Steal Your Identity From Your Driver’s License?

Foreign Visa Information
Lost and Stolen Passports, Visas, and Arrival/Departure Records

Access Data
63% of Data Breaches Result From Weak or Stolen Passwords

Passport Information
What do I do if My Passport is Lost or Stolen in the United States?

Protected Health Information
Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card

“It’s a scalable, future­proof solution where we could start with a small investment.”

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