Accept PayPal® with The CN!Express®  Trevance® Payment Application and process Through Chase Paymentech and First Data.

Process PayPa®l transactions directly through Chase Paymentech with Trevance® for an integrated payment solution that lifts sales for online retailers. This integrated solution gives you access to the PayPal customer base through Chase Paymentech’s robust payment service. Accepting PayPal® requires no downtime and minimal resources.

Accept PayPal® With the CN!Express® payment application and process directly with PayPal.

Process PayPal® Express Checkout payment transactions directly through Paypal® with CN!Express®, processing Credit Card and Electronic check payments with your choice of processors.

Accept PayPal® today with Custom Solutions by Auric Systems.

Auric has Certified PayPal® Developers on staff, capable of assisting you with any of your PayPal® integration needs

Increase Revenue and Gain New Customers

Accept PayPal® today and grow your revenues and your customer base.

Increase Sales – Let Them Pay with PayPal®

When you accept PayPal® as an additional payment option, you can accelerate the growth of your online business.

  • Accepting PayPal® has been proven to increase sales. In fact, 80% of merchants surveyed report that accepting PayPal® in addition to credit cards increased their sales.
  • PayPal® has more than 150 million accounts in 103 countries. Fully 43% of North American online shoppers have used PayPal®, and 24% consider it their favorite way to pay online.

Streamline your Operations

All reporting, funds transfers and file transmissions can be consolidated with other payment methods offered from Chase Paymentech. PayPal® integrates easily into existing checkout flows.

  • Get a single file for all of your available methods of payment, and consolidated chargeback management and funds transfers.

Other Advantages

Simple – With Auric Systems Trevance Software, connecting to PayPal is simple and easy.
Affordable – PayPal offers competitive pricing and is often cheaper than direct credit card processing.
Secure – PayPal has among the lowest fraud rates in the online retail industry.

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