Payment Processor Independent Tokenization

The AuricVault® service is payment processor independent. The service can be used to tokenize credit card information without payment processor involvement. 


  • Processor Independence
  • Business Continuity 
  • Payment Asset Retention
  • Token Swap 

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Processor Independence

Auric provides an export service for the AuricVault® service tokens, so they can be converted back to the original PAN and secure access to the data. When organizations decide to change processors they often encounter a roadblock, because they find the current payment processor, either won’t convert the tokenized credit cards back to the PAN and provide access or make that process expensive, or difficult. Because of discussions with our customers Auric created payment processor independent tokenization, so any organization can benefit from processor independence too.

Business Continuity 

Payment Processors experience service interruptions. Imagine your team has planned and executed a marketing campaign in which the ability to quickly process payments is crucial. Imagine your team executes the campaign and the initial results clearly are not what was expected. 24 hours pass, and only because your team is diligently trying to understand the lack-luster campaign results, does your organization become aware that the payment processor had an outage and your tokenized credit card information, so crucial to the campaigns success, has not been accessible.

The AuricVault® service can be used to access processor independently tokenized data within the AuricVault™ service. So your team can pivot to, and execute,  an alternative marketing campaign.

Payment Asset Retention

Customer payment information is the life blood of a business. The AuricVault® service provides access to tokenized data, because  access to customer payment information is easily accessible with the the AuricVault®service.

Token Swap

The native AuricVault® token is independent of any payment processor. The AuricVault® service has the unique ability to translate the payment processor independent token into a processor-specific token. This is a useful service for businesses that have legacy systems already capable of communicating with various payment processors – but no way to use the same credit card number with each payment processor.

The AuricVault® Token Swap capability allows you to capture and tokenize the credit card using the AuricVault® tokenization service and then translate that token into a payment processor specific token. This service is available for all supported payment processors.

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