Payment Processing with the AuricVault® Payments Service

The AuricVault® payments service supports the following payment processors:

Concerned about getting the tokenized credit cards back if you decide to change processors?

Should the merchants decide to change processors and find their current payment processor either won’t provide the credit cards back or make it expensive or unduly difficult.

Auric provides an export service for the AuricVault® service tokens to be converted back to the PAN and exported to them. There is a non refundable export fee. The export fee is the greater of $500.00 or the Per Month Service Fee calculated for the month immediately prior to the termination date.

Token Swap

The AuricVault® Token Swap capability allows them to capture and tokenize the credit card using the AuricVault® tokenization service and then translate that token into a payment processor specific token. This service is available for all supported payment processors. Additional Fee’s apply

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