Diners Club®

Accept  Diners Club® payments with the AuricVault™ service, The CN!Express® or, Trevance® Payment Application’s  or Custom Solutions By Auric Systems International

Size Of Diners Club Market

Accept  Diners Club® payments and tap into more than 50 million cardmembers. The company operates the Discover Card®, America’s cash rewards pioneer, with more than 50 million cardmembers.

About Diners Club®

Diners Club® is a premium global brand with a rich heritage as the world’s first charge card and is issued today in more than 200 countries and 70 local currencies. Diners Club® in North America is owned by Citigroup and is a key franchise within the Diners Club International network. Corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.

Diners Club® is the smart payment choice for mid-to-large corporations, individual business people and professionals. It is the only card/payment solution provider that combines a superior product package, unsurpassed service and award winning rewards with universal acceptance.

Brief History of Diners Club®

It’s 1949. Businessman Frank McNamara schedules dinner at Major’s Cabin Grill, a New York City restaurant. Dinner over, Frank realizes he has left his wallet in his other suit. His wife rescues him and pays. He resolves never to face this embarrassment again.

February 1950. McNamara and his partner Ralph Schneider return to Major’s Cabin Grill. When the bill comes, McNamara presents a small, cardboard card, a Diners Club® Card, and signs for the purchase. In the credit card industry, this event is known as the First Supper…

in April of 2008 Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Citi (NYSE:C) to acquire Diners Club International, resulting in a global payments network with increased transaction volume and worldwide acceptance of Discover Network cards once the networks are fully integrated.

Recent statement by Company CEO

“We expect this acquisition to significantly improve our competitive position by giving us global reach and accelerating growth in our payments network revenues,” said David Nelms, chief executive officer of Discover. ”

Benefits to Merchants Customers

Global acceptance

Because of a groundbreaking alliance between Diners Club® and MasterCard®, the Diners Club® Card is accepted at more than 24 million locations worldwide — everywhere MasterCard® credit cards are welcomed.

Account protection

When Diners Club® Cardmembers dispute a charge on an account, the balance is promptly credited for the disputed charges during the investigation. They pay nothing on this balance until we complete the investigation. Also, if Cardmembers notify us that a Card is lost or stolen, they only pay for the first $50 of unauthorized charges.

Club Rewards

Cardmembers earn points with a point program with Diners Club® Cards.

Cash access

Club Cash allows Cardmembers cash access at more than 900,000 Cirrus ATMs worldwide for unexpected expenses, incidentals and/or emergencies — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are some of the other Advantages to Diners Club®

  • Club Assistance
  • Customer service
  • Diners Club® Concierge Service
  • Companion Ticket Offer
  • e-Account Manager
  • No pre-set spending limit
  • Purchase Assurance/Extended Warranty Insurance
  • RoadAssist Roadside Service
  • Travel insurance
  • Value-added tax reclaim

How Auric Systems can help your organization Accept  Diners Club® payments

With Auric Merchants can Simplify Payment Processing and accept a wide range of payment brands. Auric can help your organization to accept  Diners Clu®b payments with our PCI Validated CN!Express®, Trevance®  or as a PCI Service Provider with Custom Solutions.

The AuricVault™ service interoperates with many different applications, programming languages, and processing services.It makes tokenized credit card storage affordable, even when your business needs a custom solution.

No matter where your business takes you, The AuricVault™ service is ready to provide maximum security for your sensitive cardholder data. Test it for free with our Sandbox and move on to production fast. AuricVault will rapidly solve and/or reduce your PCI requirements and costs.

The CN!Express® Payment Application is a complete gateway payment system that will simplify the acceptance of  Diners Club Payments

CN!Express contains everything you need in one package. Set it up in minutes, then sit back while CN!Express processes your transactions quicker than any comparably priced product on the market.

The Trevance® Payment Application is a complete high-volume payment system that will simplify the acceptance of  Diners Club Payments

Trevance® contains everything you need in one package. The communications links and web interface are built in and included in the low cost. So are support and maintenance for the entire first year. There’s nothing more to buy. The Trevance® payment application is compatible with all web development environments. You can also process transactions with non-web tools. If your non-web tool can request a web page, you can process transactions through Trevance’s built-in web-server.

Custom Solutions by Auric Systems can help your organization accept Diners Club®

Auric Systems International understands that a customized solution can be a critical element in your business environment. We listen to your needs and answer your questions personally and in clear language. We learn your business requirements and  practices, and design a plan suited to your budget and goals. It is our job to use best-of-breed security with industry-proven  techniques and technologies to deliver the results you want.

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