Custom Bulk Tokenization Services

  • Share sensitive data with business partners in secure and PCI compliant manner.
  • Accept sensitive bulk data in various formats such as XML-based, CSV, Text, etc.
  • Prevent bulk sensitive data from entering a business environment.
  • Decrypt and Detokenize bulk data.
  • Decrypt and Detokenize Stored data.
  • Extract cardholder account numbers, encrypt and tokenize them.
  • Replace cardholder account numbers with tokens in bulk.
  • Tokenize pre-encrypted data.
  • Securely forward sensitive data to perform bulk encryption.
  • Securely retrieve sensitive data from a third party.
  • Temporary or long term tokenized data storage

Security Compliance

A Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, all of Auric Systems International’s custom solutions and services are designed to meet PCI compliance guidelines. Auric is well suited to assist with solutions that have Data Protection, Encryption, and Secure Storage Compliance requirements.

Auric Systems is a Level 1 PA DSS Validated Service Provider

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