Failover Tokenization

September 9, 2019

What do you do when your payment processor has an outage?

A high-traffic website requires you enter your credit card information to access a 30-day free trial. The website experienced multiple payment processor outages stopping them from storing new credit card information with their payment processor.


Provide an alternate credit card account storage solution in the event of an outage at the primary payment processor.


Use the AuricVault® service for short-term token storage.

A custom embedded iFrame hosted on the Level 1 PCI Compliant AuricVault® servers can be programmatically switched in when the website encounters problems communicating with the primary payment processor.

Once communication with the primary payment processor is restored, the website uses the Token Swap option to convert the AuricVault® tokens into payment processor tokens.

  • The website uses an embedded iFrame to tokenize the credit card data directly with the payment processor. 
  • When they experience a problem with the payment processor, the website temporarily switches in an embedded iFrame that uses the AuricVault® service to tokenize the credit card account.
  • Once the processor outage is addressed, they use Auric’s Proxy4PCI proxy option to send the tokenized data gathered during the outage to the payment processor.


The AuricVault® solution adds secure redundancy to the website’s primary payment processor interface.

Technologies Used

  • Tokenization
  • Data Separation
  • Proxy4PCI option

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