Call Center PCI Compliance Mitigation

How to reduce PCI Compliance footprint and improve data security!

Call Center PCI Compliance mitigation is achieved with the AuricVault® service. the AuricVault® service is Ideal for call center PCI Compliance requirement reduction, payment processing and sensitive data protection. The AuricVault® service is PCI and HIPAA compliant data storage that associates tokens with secure encrypted data (see What is Tokenization). Any Personally Identifiable Information can also be secured this way.  Secure sensitive data such as credit cards, social security numbers, and passwords

  • Call Center PCI Mitigation Solution(PDF 767kb)
  • Reduce PCI Compliance requirements
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Expand business offerings
  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing
  • PCI Compliant & Secure Data Sharing

Reduce PCI Compliance requirements

  • Browser-side tokenization and De-Tokenization

Browser-side tokenization isolates sensitive data like credit card numbers from your environment, significantly reducing PCI scope.

  • Embedded Custom iFrame

The AuricVault® service can host your custom-developed iFrames. This allows you to develop an iFrame solution that smoothly integrates into your existing site, while having the final implementation hosted on Auric’s secure servers.

Sensitive Data Protection

“Even when physical security is breached, firewalls are penetrated, tripwires are evaded and software-based security is circumvented, the combination of tokenization and cryptography provides a robust defense that can provide last-ditch salvation.”
– IBM Systems Magazine ©2014 MSP Communications, Inc.

Tokenization is a proven way to secure and protect information, such as credit cards, social security numbers, and passwords. A tokenization service encrypts the data it receives and then stores the encrypted data along with a random set of characters (the token). The service returns the token to you, so the token can be stored in place of the sensitive information in your business environment. The token has no value to any criminal who might access it in your environment.

  • Share sensitive data with business clients
  • Shielding sensitive data from call center business environment
  • Yes – You can get the de-tokenized information back to meet a wide range of business needs

The AuricVault®tokenization service is accessed through the AuricVault®Application Program Interface (API). If you do not have in-house web developers, Auric Systems International can provide custom development services, or contact information for software development firms familiar with the AuricVault®tokenization service. You can also check the box indicating development services are needed during step 1. Sign up to get an evaluation kit.

 Expand Customer Offerings

  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing
  • PCI Compliant & Secure Data Sharing
  • PCI Compliant Secure File Transfer

Payment Processing

Unified Payments API – Reduce time consuming processor gateway development. Board additional merchant accounts significantly faster.

  • Instant bank verification
  • Real-time authorization
  • Refunds
  • All Major Credit Card Brands

Multiple Payment processor support:

  • Braintree
  • Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway (Salem)
  • Edgil Associates (Token Swap only)
  • Merchant e-Solutions
  • TSYS Multipass
  • Vantiv

Processors supported soon:

  • Vantiv/WorldPay
  • Payments Express (
  • First Data E4
  • Allpago
  • Payu

Don’t see your Payment processor on our list? We built our reputation over the past 25+ years building payment processing applications and solutions. Put our experience to work for you. Discuss your processor needs with us. 603-924-6079

Token Swap

An AuricVault® token is independent of any payment processor. The AuricVault® service has the unique ability to translate this independent token into a processor-specific token. We call this Token Swap.

The Token Swap service has numerous advantages:

  • Ability to use the same credit card data with multiple payment processors
  • Simplify front-end development (capture one type of token) and allow a back-end system to handle specific payment processor targeting
  • Integrating new front-end system with legacy systems already capable of communicating with various payment processors
  • Allowing future migration between payment processors.

The AuricVault® Token Swap capability allows you to capture and tokenize the credit card using the AuricVault® tokenization service and then translate that token into a payment processor specific token. Refer to the tokenize payments API call for each supported payment processor.

 Payment Processing Independent Solution

The AuricVault® service can protect your data independent of your payment processor.

PCI Compliant & Secure Data Sharing

The AuricVault® service capabilities include PCI Compliant & secure data sharing of sensitive information. Business model’s which include sharing, transmitting and accepting files which contain sensitive information, find Auric’s solutions can solve a multitude of business requirements.

  • Encryption / Decryption
  • Tokenization / Detokenization
  • Secure Bulk File Transfers
  • Multiple Data File Format Support


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