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starting at
$100 / month
  • $100.00/month for up to 10,000 stored tokens.
  • $250.000/month for up to 250,000 stored tokens.
  • $0.01 per stored token over base amount.
  • Volume discounts (see Fee Calculator).
Small/Home Office
starting at
$600 / year
  • $600.00/year for up to 5,000 stored tokens.
  • $900/year for up to 7,500 stored tokens.
  • Start small and grow!
  • Seamless migration to Enterprise plans.

Tokenization Features and Options

  • Yearly & monthly token storage plans.
  • Fees based on storage, not usage.
  • No per transaction token fee.
  • Unlimited sub-credentials.
  • Custom token retention periods.
  • Real-time redundant hosting.
  • Geographically distributed PCI compliant hosting facilities.
  • Custom vault-hosted iFrame.
  • Free dedicated sandbox/test account.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support.
  • Edge Proxy Tokenization and Detokenization.*
  • Bulk batch file tokenization and detokenization*

Payments Passthrough and Token Swap Option

The AuricVault® Payments Passthrough option converts a generic API into payment processor specific transactions plus provides you with access to detailed payment processor response information. This Generic+Plus API gives you access to the full set of processor responses.

The Token Swap option allows you to convert an AuricVault® token into a payment processor's token. The two features are bundled together under "payments."

Payments Passthrough and Token Swap fees are based on the number of transactions processed.

*Contact for a quote.

AuricVault® Fee Calculator

Token Storage

Tokens stored:
Yearly fee:
Monthly fee:




Monthly Fee:
Yearly Fee:

Token Storage Plans

Yearly Token Storage Plans

The AuricVault® service yearly plans are suitable for storing a small number of tokens.

$600.00/year for up to 5,000 stored tokens.
$900.00/year for up to 7,500 stored tokens.

Monthly Token Storage Plans

* $100.00/month for up to 10,000 stored tokens.
* $250.00/month/250,000 stored tokens.

Volume Discounts

# Stored Tokens Monthly Fee per 250K Tokens
1,000,000 $250.00
1,000,000 to 5,000,000 $200.00
5,000,000 to 15,000,000 $150.00
15,000,000+ $125.00

Stored tokens over the tier are charged at $0.01/token until the next tier price is reached.

Tiers are cumulative. For example, the fee for 1,250,000 stored tokens is (4 * 250) + (1 * 200) = $1,200.00/month.

Payments Passthrough Plans

Payments Passthrough include the Token Swap option.

Yearly Payments Passthrough Plans

The AuricVault® service yearly Payments Passthrough plans are suitable for merchants with a small number of monthly payment transactions.

$600.00/year for up to 12,000 payment transactions per year.
$999.00/year for up to 22,000 payment transactions per year.

* Discounts are available for merchants storing more than 25,000 tokens.

Monthly Payments Passthrough Plans

# Payment 
Monthly Fee
5,000 $200/month
10,000 $250/month
15,000 $300/month
20,000 $350/month
30,000 $450/month
50,000 $500/month
75,000 $750/month
100,000 $1,000/month
100,000 $1,000/month + $10/1,000 transaction.

Each payments transaction over the tier is charged at $0.04/transaction until the next tier price is reached.

NOTE: All prices listed in US Dollars.

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