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Auric Systems International invites your organization to join the AuricVault® service developers network. Protect your clients sensitive financial, access and identification data, like Credit cards, Passwords & Social Security Numbers. We provide the API, SampleCode,Evaluation Account & Pricing. The only element missing is YOUR DEVELOPMENT SERVICES!

 What’s in it for your organization?

  • Receive AuricVault® service leads.
  • Earn revenue from the development & implementation that typically accompany the AuricVault® service leads
  • Earn $100.00 for each lead that becomes an AuricVault customer, Plus Earn ten percent of the client’s AuricVault® service fee’s for 24 Months after the referred client purchases The AuricVault™ service (paid quarterly).
  • Provide added security options to your development services
  • Provide PCI and HIPAA Compliance services

Sign up for this program here.

1. Click here for the Referral Agreement
2. Send the signed agreement to
3. Auric Countersigns and returns the Agreement.
4. Receive and Provide Referrals.

Development Features:

  • The AuricVault® service API
  • The AuricVault® service Sample Code
  • Developer friendly
  • Security centric service
  • JSON-RPC APIs, documentation, and sandbox credentials supplied to participating developers
  • Core development language samples offered
  • Most developers successfully use the Sandbox in less than 1 hour from receiving credentials

Development Benefits:

  • Easy to read and accessible API documentation
  • Code samples in popular languages
  • Developer supported

The AuricVault® service is inter operational with many different applications, programming languages, and processing services. It makes tokenized credit card storage affordable, even when your business needs a custom solution. Additionally, Auric’s Trevance® payment application and CN!Express® payment application solutions have off-the-shelf support for our tokenization technology.

No matter where your business takes you,he AuricVault® service is ready to provide maximum security for your sensitive cardholder data. Test it for free with our Sandbox and move on to production fast. The AuricVault™ service will rapidly solve and/or reduce your PCI requirements and costs.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a method to provide anonymization – the process in which sensitive/protected information are eliminated or manipulated with the purpose of hindering the possibility of reverting back to the original data. This involves removing all identifying data in order to create unlinkable data.

“ Even when physical security is breached, firewalls are penetrated, tripwires are evaded and software-based security is circumvented, the combination of tokenization and cryptography provides a robust defense that can provide last-ditch salvation.” – IBM Systems Magazine ©2014 MSP Communications, Inc.

PCI Compliance Features:

  • Credit card storage – Off-site storage of tokenized credit card info
  • Off-site, long-term credit card storage for encrypted data
  • Tokenized credit card account numbers separated from personally identifiable information (Protecting Card Holder’s Data)
  • Auric Systems Int’l is a Level 1 PCI DSS Validated Service Provider
  • Compliance with Visa’s Payment Application DSS (PA DSS) for PCI environments
  • Integrated with Auric’s PA DSS Validated Trevance and CN!Express payment applications

PCI Compliance Benefits:

  • PCI compliant solution – simpler, easier PCI auditing
  • PCI Compliant Tokenized Data Storage
  • PCI Self Assessment Questionaire (SAQ) requirements can be reduced
  • Data retrieval requires Unique Tracking ID
  • Communication with server via secure tunnels (optional)
  • Audit Trails
  • Merchant PCI footprint reduced with tokenization
  • Automatic aging of stored values

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Our expertise includes:


Cryptographic Key Management

Data Security

Payment Processing

PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Custom Solutions

We help businesses move billions of dollars and millions of transactions securely, flexibly, and efficiently.

The Auric Team

Raymond Côté


Raymond Côté, President and co-founder of ASI enjoys creating software to help other businesses thrive. “I like to see our software being used in the real world and to see people enjoy using it,” says Ray. “We’ve written software for sole proprietorships and Fortune 50 companies. We listen to people to understand their actual problem, which is not always the problem they walk in with. We work with them to develop a solution. I don’t care how small or large the problem is. Every problem is large for the person who has it.”

A long-time resident of Peterborough, NH, Ray was 2008 Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, former chair of the Chamber’s Business Support Committee, former School Board representative, former member of the Town Economic Development Committee, and a former member of Toast Masters. He has also acted with the nationally known Peterborough Players and is a member of the Actors Circle Theater where he fulfilled a lifelong ambition to play Teddy in Arsenic and Old Lace.

At ASI, Ray manages people and projects, and keeps the company up to date with the latest programming languages and tools. For Ray, his mission begins and ends with the customer. “I work with customers until their problem is solved. If we can’t solve it, we find someone who can. Everybody in ASI is front line support.  At ASI we make sure the customer is taken care of.”

John Tourgee

Director of Business Development

John Tourgee joined ASI in 2005 to provide customer support. He is now responsible for Business Development as well. In his 20-year career, he has helped a variety of companies sell, define, and explain their products and services. He uses that experience to introduce new customers to the technical expertise of ASI.

“I find out about the customer’s technical and business problem and strategize ways in which ASI can help. Once we take on a problem, we stay with you until it’s solved. Whatever it takes,” John concludes, “we want to roll up our sleeves and take it on.”

John has assisted people and businesses in the acquisition of technology since the mid-1980s. He rose to managerial positions through his sales success, based on a “get it done” attitude and creative spirit. At ASI, his sales role includes investigating value-added products and services for customers and helping to produce ASI’s marketing materials for the Internet, print, and television. He also serves as liaison with third-party vendors and partners. “I’m always looking for opportunities to make things simpler for our customers,” he says.

A New Hampshire native, a father of 3 grown children, John lives in Sharon with his wife Kelli.

Charlie Farinella

IT Director

Charlie Farinella began working at ASI in 2000 to provide technical support to ASI customers and is now in charge of all ASI IT.

He is currently responsible for the deployment and maintenance of approximately 100 servers for ASI and their clients, all virtual private networks, ASI’s internal network, production, development and test systems, firewall and Internet security measures.

Charlie is an instrumental part of ASI’s PCI Compliance Team, managing numerous secure PCI hosting environments for ASI and their clients.  He has been a Linux enthusiast for nearly 20 years as well as a member of the Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group and served as coordinator for the Monadnock chapter of that organiztion from 2005-2009.

When not working Charlie can be found at the gym, bicycling or swing dancing with his wife Kathy.

Elizabeth Alpaugh-Côté

Vice President

Elizabeth (Beth) Alpaugh-Côté, Vice President of Accounting since 1994, has a close working relationship with all Auric’s clients.

On her personal time,  Beth monitors the Contoocook River for the Contoocook and North Branch Rivers Local Advisory Committee (CNBRLAC) and and the Town of Peterborough Master Plan Steering Committee.  Beth is on the Board of Directors of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, volunteers at the Peterborough Players, and is former chair of Peterborough Water Resource Advisory Committee.

Beth enjoys the practical and inventive spirit of Auric Systems: “You solve the problem, get it done, and go on to the next thing.”

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